Hairballs Removal Paste for Cats

Bye Bye Hairball!

Has your cat been gagging and hacking out hairballs?

Hairballs are a common occurrence in cats. Excessive grooming causes the tiny hook-like structures on the cat's tongue to catch loose and dead hair, which is then swallowed.

Normally, any fur that is swallowed during this process goes down through the digestive system and is removed harmlessly from the body in the poop. As hair cannot be digested, if your cat swallows a ton of hair, rather than coming out of its poop, it can build up in the esophagus and form into clumps or balls. This leads to your cat gagging and vomiting out the fur. 

Cats that have a higher risk of getting hairballs:

  • Long-haired breed cats
  • Cats that shed a lot
  • Cats that groom themselves compulsively

Hacking, gagging, and retching could mean your cat is eliminating the hairball. It may also cause potentially life-threatening blockages if left untreated.  Worried about your cat? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you!

Bolo Via is a hairball removal paste for cats.

Bolo Via facilitates hairball removal in cats with the new formula Arbocel. It is an effective and tasty solution to remove and prevent hairballs in cats! Bolo Via paste contains substances that soften the stools, lubricate the intestinal tract, and stimulate hairball elimination, which is responsible for cat occlusive syndrome. So get your Bolo Via paste and help your lovable companion through their hairball journey!