Caring for your Molting Parrot

Caring for your Molting Parrot

Molting is a natural shedding process whereby a bird sheds worn and tattered feathers to grow new, healthy feathers. Feathers are important to birds for various reasons such as their ability to fly, keep them warm and even to attract the opposite sex.

The molting process lasts up to 2 months but the length of time the process lasts and how often it occurs can vary from species to species. 

Molting can be a vexing time for any bird, hence we can do our part to make sure our feathered-friends get the proper care and help they need.


Make your parrot more comfortable

  1. Mist your parrot twice a day with a mister or spray bottle as it provides extra humidity to the bird's cage and makes it a less itchy process for them to go through.

  2. Give your parrot plenty of rest time. During this molting process, your parrots may tend to be more grumpy and uncomfortable as it is very itchy. Place your parrot in a dark area and do not disturb them 12-13 hours per day during the molting process. Beauty rest is crucial for the development of new feathers.

  3. Avoid petting your parrot. Pin feathers are very sensitive when they start growing and petting your parrot could cause injury and pain.

  4. Place your parrot in a space that is room temperature. During the process of your parrot losing its feathers, it would feel extra chilly for them so the heat helps them to feel more comfortable.

  5. Assist your parrot in getting rid of feathers that are tough to reach for your parrot by gently rolling your finger along your parrot's head and neck once their feathers are grown.

  6. Parrots require plenty of nutrients during this process, hence feeding them cucumbers and hard boiled egg yolks would help keep their health in check

  7. If your parrot molts more than twice a year or bleeds during their molting process; please bring your parrot to see a vet as this can be a sign of a serious medical condition.