More time with your pets!

More time with your pets!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA),

Medium‐sized dog
Year 1 =  15 years of a human's life.
Year 2 = 24 years
After that, every human year equals approximately 4 or 5 years for a dog.

Year 1 - 15 years of a human's life
Year 2 = 24 years
Year 7 they are in their mid 40s and Year 10 in their mid 50s

Aging results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of damage to cells over time and changes are not inevitable. Healthy aging would mean that a pet remains physically healthy & has healthy brain function.

A pet’s mental decline is the oxidative damage to brain structures and cells as well as the accumulation of deposits‐plaque that interfere with nerve transmission (dental health is so important!). As such, the structure of the brain, size, connectivity and number of neurons per region. The changes may not be the same in all regions and some changes are very subtle but critical!

How do we tell our pet’s cognitive health is declining?

    1. Disorientation: Your pet may look confused all the time and start staring into space. Some may even pace up and down continuously.
    2. Interactions: They may start losing interest in forming healthy relationships with those around them.
    3. Sleep-wake cycle alteration: Your pet may sleep all day and be awake all night wanting your attention. 
    4. Housetraining: Your pets may how and where to pass motion and may mess up your house.
    5. Activity levels change: Your pets may not want to play with you but start aimlessly walking and pacing. Some may even display restless behavior. 

Some ways you can improve your pet’s brain health:

  1. Healthy real food! Discuss with your veterinarian on your pet’s meal plan based on their weight and nutritional requirements. Ensure that their meals include high quality foods.
  2. Semi-annual vet visits are important to ensure your pet’s health is in check
  3. Acupuncture and massage. Research has shown that they can enhance blood circulation, decrease muscle spasms and cause the release of pain-relieving hormones (endorphins) in the brain.
  4. Exercise and socialization offers valuable mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog's brain active and provides emotional benefits like strengthening their bond with others.
  5. Mental Stimulation can help your pets learn, lowering stress, warding off boredom and preventing unwanted behavioral issues.
  6. Supplementing your pet’s diet with essential ingredients and nutrients can help prevent your pet from aging quickly and slow down cognitive decline. In dogs‐diets rich in antioxidants, improved cognition maintained cognition, and reduced oxidative damage.

Why choose Broadreach Nature Senior Care supplement?

  1. Confidence‐ backed by science and developed by veterinary experts
  2. Synergistic
  3. Plant based phytochemicals that have proven to 
  4. Safe, well tolerated and easy to use
  5. Trusted brand‐ no GMO, and made under GMP
  6. Unique combination of ingredients
  7. Impacts directly on cognition and brain health

Senior Care supports healthy aging and a healthy aging brain. The formula contains ingredients that studies have shown to mitigate age related changes, improve brain health and functioning and help prevent cognitive decline. Complementing the use of medication, behavioural enrichment, and environmental management to treat cognitive dysfunction. It is safe and easy to use in cats and dogs. It is recommended to start at around 7 years.

All this means more time to enjoy with our pets!