How to stop loose stools?

How to stop loose stools?

Gut problems are common in our pets, with gurgling tummies, excessive wind, nausea, inappetence, and looser or more frequent stools all being signs that something isn’t quite right. Various medical conditions, stress, and changes in your pet’s environment or diet (including eating things that they shouldn’t have!), can all be to blame. It is vital to understand how the issue occurred by monitoring your pet’s poop. Yes! That’s right! Take a look at how your pet’s stool looks in terms of the consistency, colour and content to determine how immediate it needs attention. 

Whether it’s ongoing tummy troubles or a short-term upset though, Tree Barks Powder can help quickly soothe your pet’s digestive tract, as it is suitable for long or short-term use. The gentle action of Tree Barks Powder means that it is suitable to use in pets of all ages too, including weaning puppies and kittens!

How does Tree Barks Powder work?

Tree Barks Powder is a fine fluffy powder that does something magic when it gets wet! It becomes almost blancmange-like, hence the name ‘slippery’ elm, and we all know how gooey marshmallows are…

The moisture in the digestive tract is enough to cause this Tree Barks Powder transformation, allowing it to coat and soothe the stomach and digestive tract (emollient action), and slow down the passage of food. 

All this helps maintain normal absorption of nutrients and stools with normal consistency.

Not getting enough soluble fiber?


Insoluble fiber pushes food through the digestive tract, which helps keep things moving and prevents constipation.


Fibiotic-Pro with D-Gest Gard is a great Digestive, Probiotic Fibre Blend for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens from 4 months of age. It is designed to support Sensitive or Over-Reactive Digestion on a daily basis and in maintaining the overall health of the digestive tract. 


Offering support to diets containing insufficient dietary fiber and replenishment of Vitamins and Minerals. Fibiotic Pro is great for maintaining optimum gut health & efficiency.


Probiotics for Dogs


An increasing number of studies has shown that the use of probiotics is beneficial for pets. Probiotics (healthy bacteria) may positively influence chronic gastrointestinal abnormalities, obesity, liver disease, mental attitude, dental disease and behaviour disorders. 


They say that most health issues start from the gut! Hence it is important to incorporate probiotics in your pet’s meals to ensure that they can develop a healthy gut throughout their life. 


Intestipet adds, supports, and boosts the growth of, beneficial bacteria in the large and small intestines of animals:


  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Aids mineral absorption.
  • Intestinal immunostimulant as an aid in preventing intestinal diseases.
  • Developed specifically for use in dogs and cats.
  • For stressed pets.
  • For animals that are being or have been dosed with antibiotics.
  • For pets that are/were suffering from diarrhea.
  • To improve the health of young pets such as puppies and kittens.


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