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Dorwest Malted Kelp Tablets

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Maintain a healthy appetite naturally with malt extract – high in energy and vitamin B

Our Malted Kelp Tablets are packed full of tasty and nutritious ingredients and are especially formulated to help tempt picky eaters to devour their dinner. Aniseed aids digestion and adds extra flavour while kelp provides all the essential micronutrients required by your pet. Malt extract is high in energy and vitamin B - known to stimulate appetite - making this supplement ideal for pets with poor appetites or recovering from illness and in need of a boost.

Containing tasty and nutritious ingredients this herbal supplement is ideal for tempting pets with poor appetites.

  • Aniseed in the formula aids digestion and is appealing to the taste
  • Kelp provides all the essential micronutrients
  • Malt extracts gives energy as well as vitamin B


These great sources of energy and micronutrients mean this is the supplement to give fussy eaters or animals recovering from physical or mental challenges and needing to restore body condition.

My pet is a fussy eater what do you advise?

Feeding by hand, changing foods regularly, feeding human food (just to get them to eat anything!), constant encouragement to eat – all of these probably sound familiar but it’s time to stop and get your pet back into a good feeding routine. First of all, it’s really important to ensure there isn’t an underlying illness or dental disease putting your pet off their grub so it’s a good idea to visit your vet for a check-up if you’re unsure.

What can I do at home to help?

If your dog has a clear bill of health and is just a true fussy eater then there are a few steps you can try to get them back on track. Firstly, decide what food you want to give and stick with it – choose a good quality food, full of nutrition.

Don’t leave your dog’s food down for long periods of time, this gets them into the habit of ‘grazing’, get them into the routine of clearing their bowl by reducing the size of their portions and then gradually build it up to their required amount. About 30 mins before their meal time, give them our Malted Kelp Tablets which contain aniseed and B vitamins to encourage a healthy appetite.

Give your dog 5-10 minutes to get on and eat their food, as soon as they stop eating take it away so they know that this is their opportunity to eat. Call your dog when it is a meal time, put the bowl down and give them a clear command, such as ‘dinner time’. Don’t feed them tit-bits between meals and always offer fresh food at a meal, not their refused left overs. They’ll soon learn the routine and know they have their window of opportunity to eat. Don’t feel cruel - your dog has the opportunity to eat and they are choosing not to.

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Dorwest Malted Kelp Tablets

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